! Engaging cloud based ERP software for managing accreditation such as NAAC, NBA, TEQSA and implementing ICT solutions for campus management

An Engaging Experience to Manage Accreditation and Campus

Easy reporting, process integration, quality improvement and custom dashboard for
NAAC, NBA, RTO Standards, TEQSA, AMBA, University LIC and other Reports, AICTE, UGC, AISHE

Manage your campus from Admissions, Academics, Placement to Alumni with Outcome Based Education,
IQAC Quality Monitoring and Quality Enhancement.

Awesome Easy to Use Visual UI with Drag and Drop, Pivot WorkBench, NFC Cards, Direct export of reports to
multiple formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Education ERP with built in Accreditation

We are a leading provider of cloud based solution for accreditation and compliance management of higher education institutions. We deliver innovative solutions for institutions with industry expertise and leading technologies.

Report Creation
Accreditation, University and Institution reports creation is just a
click away! Export reports to PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel.
ICT Implementation
Implement ICT, Quality
improvement process from
admission to academics, attendance, online MCQ, Teaching Learning modules, fees, alumni, placement, hostel, ILMS,faculty records, assets and more.
Data Collection
Simplify data collection from
faculty student & other stake-
holders & manage compli-
ance in cloud
Complete IQAC Workflow, All feedback including 360 degree feedback, stakeholder feedback, SWOT, QUality Circle, Quality Monitoring with Academic and Administrative Audit, Green Audit, Quality Improvement, Quality Policies


We Provide Standard Based Framework with Complete Customization to Suit Your Requirements

  • Create Reports
    Create reports for various accreditations such as NAAC, NBA, TEQSA, RTO Standards, AMBA with a click of a button. Export to Word, Powerpoint, PDF, Excel etc.
  • Quality Improvement
    Implement quality improvement process as per standards for National and International Accreditations.
  • ICT
    Implement ICT Processes, such as Teaching Learning, Session Audit, Modular Plan, Online MCQ, Student Profiling, All Feedback, 360 Degree Feedback, Student Progression etc. in line with each criteria of Domestic and International Accreditation Standards.
  • Consulting Support
    Get help from professionals from India, Australia and USA.
  • Data Collection Made Easy
    We provide individual login to all stakeholders including Faculties, Students, Office Staff and Management. Data is uploaded by each user or by the admin in bulk. Reports are automatically created.
  • International Accreditations
    We support compliances for multiple International Accreditations. One software helps you to manage multiple accreditations easily.
  • Built into Process
    Accreditation requirements are built into process ensuring compliance regardless of the knowledge of the users for accreditation standards.
  • University Compliance
    Compliance to University Norms and Rules are built into the ERP modules. Reports are also generated.
  • Admissions
    Online admission form, which is customized based on rules & regulations of University Norms. Integrate with Online Payment Gateway. University Registration forms for students may be created.
  • Attendance
    Easy to use, drag and drop interface for attendance. Real time slice-and-Dice reports across multiple dimensions, ability to send SMS for absent students, Proactive attendance status monitoring and Intervention for non compliance, Drop out identifier.
  • Feedback
    Feedback based on curriculum, institute, programme evaluation on teachers, seminars, extension activities etc. is given by the students and incorporated in the college website
  • Mentoring
    Digitalized discussion forum with the mentor is given to students, to address their personal, academical and psychological issues.
  • Entry to Service
    Question bank for teh students to practice aptitude tests for multiple competitive and placement examinations.
  • Language Lab
    Digital Language Lab based on HTML5 and latest standards of browser based speech recognition. Can be used from any computer with latest Chrome browser and Mic and Headphone installed. Minimize your investment, make it more scalable.
  • Digital E-Campus
    An interaction forum for students to download study materials & videos uploaded by faculties and doubt solving session on programmes any time anywhere.
  • Placement
    Complete placement portal with separate access for institutions, corporates and students. Automate your placement process.
  • Library
    Automate your library using digital issue, return and library website with online searchable database.
  • Alumni
    Integrated alumni module that plugs into your website. Create Alumni registration form, track alumni, approve alumni status.
  • Fee
    Integrated fees module with an option to collect payment online or integrate with bank offline paymen
  • Hostel
    Hostel module with graphical view of room occupancy.
  • Online Assessment
    Online platform for evaluating the subject knowledge.
  • IQAC Module
    Module includes seminar, publicaitons, research details etc.
  • Feedback
    Self evaluation, peer evaluation helps to build quality standards.
  • Digital E-Campus
    Teachers can upload study materials and programme videos and share it with candidates for their reference.
  • Online Assessment
    Teachers can upload formatted assessment to evaluate students.
  • Mentoring
    Help students to cross all barriers in order to acheive their goals
  • Student Profile Mapping
    Create profile map for the students using advanced platform to provide better councelling support and career guidance.
  • IQAC Workflow
    Complete IQAC workflow with approval of records and document verification. Nothing goes to report unless approved by IQAC.
  • Session Planning
    Vital component for teaching-learning process.
  • 360 Degree Feedback & Others
    Integrate student feedback, curriculum feedback on institutional provision, library, facilities easily in your website.
  • GAP Analysis
    Institutional potentials is analysed and recommended.
  • Administrative Audit
    Conduct administrative audit for your institutions by certified auditor.
  • Academic Audit
    Conduct academic audit for your departments and faculties by certified auditors.
  • Green Audit
    Conduct green audit by certified auditors as per prevailing Indian and international standards for seven criteria.
  • Gender Audit
    Create gender audit for girls students by certified auditors to understand issues they face and figure out areas of improvement.
  • Compliance Management
    Managing the overall compliance of the institute by an experienced consultant including providing guidance on timely data collection from various stakeholders reports submissions etc.
  • GAP Improvement
    Analysing the current gap and providing suggestions and software of gap improvement.
  • Preparing College for Higher Standards
    Preparing college for next level of accreditions such as international accreditions, creating roadmap for academic and infrastructure improvement, overall quality improvement for teaching learning and alinging the institution for overall growth objectives.


Automated Accreditation Management with Real Time Reports, Gap Analysis and Quality Improvement using ERP Modules


Pay as You Go: No Setup Fees or Installation Charges. Scale up Any Time as Per Requirement


50Per Month Per Student

Report Generation

Role Based Access

Teaching learning software

Technical Assistance

implementation,setup and
consulting fee will apply



Cloud based software

Readiness Review

Request for Evaluation

Repeat Generation

Individual Login

On-site Service



Compliance Management


Quality Improvement

Gap Analysis


Academic Audit: 25K Per Dept

Green Audit: 50K Per Year

Gap Analysis & Quality Audit: 1Lakh



Meet Our Core Team Members Working With Institutions in India, Australia and USA.

  • pic
    Suman Nandy
    Experience of over 15 years in compliance in india, Australia and U.S.A.
  • pic
    Prabol Bhandari
    Over 15 years Expertise in education industry for compliance and accreditation in India, USA and Europe.
  • pic
    Pooja Vasudev
    VP, Business Development
    Assisting institutions across India and Australia for accreditation.
  • pic
    VP, Technology & Operations
    Technology advisor assisting ICT implementation across the world.


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