Cloud based ERP software for accreditation and ICT solutions

Create reports with a click of a button. Implement ICT, quality improvement process from admission to fees, inventory, library, hostel, student records, asset, student login, 360 degree feedback, Formative assessment with online MCQ, Mentoring, Placement support, Entry to Service, IQAC approval process and more.

Epaathsala is used by more than 400+ institutions for compliance management. Simplify data collection from faculty students and other stakeholders and manage compliance in the cloud. Epaathsala is not endorsed by or affiliated to any accreditation agency. Epaathsala provides an online software to create reports for accreditation agencies and implement ICT solutions for quality improvement in teaching learning.

Simplified Compliance

Collect data, create reports and implement ICT, quality improvement process with our cloud based software, accessible over mobile or computer

Create Reports

Create  reports with a click of a button.


Accreditation standards ICT for Quality learning.

Collect Data

Collect data from faculty and students with our simplified online and offline templates

Quality improvement

Implement quality improvement process as per standards for your higher education institutions.

Consulting Support

Get help from professionals from India and U.S

ERP modules for campus management

Use Epaathsala as stand-alone ERP Or connect it to existing ERP.
Modules available for online admission , campus management and placement.

Login to ERP

EPaathsala Features

EPaathsala provides a core module with complete customization to suit your requirements. Following are some of the features of our software.


Create reports with the click of a button.

Quality improvement

Implement quality improvement processes as per standards. Reports will be automatically generated.


Implement complete online admission module, from online form to online or offlne payment, admission test and merit list preparation.

Fees module

Integrated fees module with an option to collect payment online or integrate with bank offline payment module.


Complete placement portal with separate access for institutions, corporates and students. Automate your placement process.

Student records

Maintain and manage complete student profile in the ERP. Each student gets a customizable online CV which is generated automatically.


Automate your library using digital issue, return and library website with online searchable database.


Hostel module with graphical view of room occupancy.

Employee portal

Maintain and manage employee records. Each faculty gets a separate login id to upload their projects, seminars, courses and other details.

IQAC workflow

Complete IQAC workflow with approval of records and document verification. Nothing goes to report unless approved by IQAC.

Online exam

Implement online examination with MCQ in any language of your choice. Supports graphs and images.

360 degree feedback

Implement a 360 degree feedback process where feedback is taken from students, peer, self and management. 360 feedback report about each faculty with competency score and complacency score is auto generated.

Teaching Learning software

Teaching learning software helps you to create integrated modular plan, session details and associate question bank.

Session audit

Monitor any deviation from session plan and arrange extra classes, remedial class or advanced classes as necessary.


Implement integrated online and offline mentoring process where students may reach out to the mentors online or offline. Reports are automatically generated.


Integrated alumni module that plugs in to your website. Create alumni registration form, track alumni, approve alumni status.


Create any kind of online survey or opinion poll dynamically and get opinion from the students.

Student progression

Create student progression reports automatically. Track your students after they pass by integrating with the Alumni module.

Profile mapping

Create profile map for the students using advanced platform to provide better councelling support and career guidance.


Integrate student feedback, curriculum feedback, feedback on institutional provision, library, facilities easily in your website.


Provide support for entry to service using our online simulated question bank.

Data Migration

We help you for data migration and data entry.

Professional help

Get professional help for your accreditation and compliance requirements

Academic audit

Conduct academic audit for your departments and faculties by certified auditors

Gender audit

Conduct gender audit for girls students by certified auditors to understand issues they face and areas of improvement.

Administrative audit

Conduct administrative audit for your institutions by certified auditors

Green audit

Conduct green audit by certified auditors as per prevailing Indian and international standards for seven criteria


Here is what our clients say

Preenand Premachandran, Director | KGI

Prof. Hanif, IQAC Coordinator | St. Xaviers College

There are huge number of colleges and Universities in India but few are acquainted with technology. 90% institutions have not yet adapted modern technologies for preparing different reports for state Government, central Government, UGC, and NAAC. This ERP package is very useful for the purpose of preparing the above mentioned reports. In my opinion this software is the best package that I have ever seen.

What are clients are excited about

  • Ease of use
  • Saves time and money
  • Easy data collection
  • No prior experience required

Our Process

We help you for any accreditation starting with data collection, data migration, data analysis to reporting and process implementation.
Professional help is also available.



Letter of Intent


Institutional Eligibility of Quality Assessment


Self Study Report


Annual Quality Assurance Report


Funding Report




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About Us


Epaathsala is a leading provider of cloud based solution for accreditation and compliance management of higher education institutions.
We deliver innovative solutions for institutions with industry expertise and leading technologies.

Team members

Meet some of our leading team members working with colleges in India

Suman Nandy

Experience of over 10 years in compliance in India and U.S.A.

Prabol Bhandari

Expertise in education industry for compliance and accreditation.

Pooja Vasudev

Assisting institutions across India for NAAC accreditation.

Sunayana Roymedhi

Assisting institutions across India for NAAC accreditation.

Pricing Table

Pay as you go, no setup fees or installation charges.
Scale up any time as per your requirement.

  • FREE
  • Easy to use
  • All Reports
  • Role Based access
  • Individual login
  • Teaching Learning Software
  • IQAC Process
  • Rs 130k per year
  • Technical Assistance
  • Process Consulting
  • Documentation Help
  • Workshop and Faculty improvement programs
  • Quality Advisor
  • Rs 80k per year
    Language Lab
  • Language lab Software
  • Unlimited Users
  • Voice Recording
  • Text to speech
  • Online Test

Get in Touch

We would be happy to arrange a demo of the software for you.
We also conduct workshops related to NAAC and other accreditation at your institution.

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