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1. Ability to design quizzes /Tests / assignments / examinations and projects to evaluate students understanding of the course

2. Accessibility of the teacher in and out of the class (includes availability of the teacher to motivate further study and discussion outside class)

3. Adequate number of workshops were conducted for the areas not covered by syllabus

4. Interest generated by the teacher

5. Provision of sufficient time for feedback

6. The course hase met with the expectations

7. The faculties could connect with the pre requisite materials for each class

8. The quality of academic councelling

9. The quality of certificate courses

10. The quality of common room

11. The quality of compouting facilities

12. The quality of Drinking water facilities

13. The quality of general laboratories

14. The quality of hostel accommodation

15. The quality of library facilities

16. The quality of on the job training or internship

17. The quality of placement

18. The quality of psychometric councelling

19. The quality of soft skills training

20. The quality of specialized laboratories

21. The quality of sports facilities

22. The quality of student support facilities

23. The quality of trainings conducted

24. The quality of workload distribution for every week

25. The support provided to address personal financial issues

26. The timetable was suitable

27. Your career goal is accomplished at the end of the course