• College Canteen

    The college also has a veg/non-veg canteen for both staff and students. This canteen is open during the college hours and has fresh food prepared for staff and students.

  • Library

    The college library is well equipped with sufficient books for students of all classes.Students can make use of the library any time during the class hours.

  • NCC & NSS

    The campus trainings are carried out in the College regularly with the help of local resources.The NSS volunteers of UCC Unit participate in various activities viz.

  • International Students

    This year 2015, the college has 10 international students from South Africa, Uganda, Myanmar and Bangladesh. They were mainly sponsored by the (ICCR), Govt. of India.

  • Boys Hostel

    The College has Six boys hostel- Stanley Hall, Taylor's and Windham Hall, High Hall, Austin John International, and the Dr. Sword Memorial. They are run by the Warden.

  • Girls Hostel

    The College has four girls hostel- Eldora, Main and Annex, Science Building and the New Building. They are run by the Matron and the Warden.

From Principal's Desk

Higher Education, in any context and more so in the contemporary context of globalization, is a prerequisite for the supply of highly qualified and trained manpower. It is also seen as the key to social cohesion and to mitigate the consequences of globalization.

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